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arthur harbrow
20th Aug 2002, 12:33
Does anyone remember an old aircraft, possibly Dan Air, being used as a scout hut?

20th Aug 2002, 12:41
I remember seeing something being restored at Duxford that had come from Lasham. A York maybe?

20th Aug 2002, 16:04
I think they used to use the York, which later formed part of a little museum by the Dan-Air hangars. There was a Dak - don't know what happened to that; the York and the Ambassador, both of which were donated to Dxford and are now restored.

Think the Scouts later used a Comet which was parked on the gliding side of the field, west of the hangars. Seem to recall seeing one parked there... long time ago, memory now enfeebled!


PPRuNe Pop
20th Aug 2002, 16:24
Your memory is a good as mine tredders!

But good enough. Terry Jones was the guy who ran the scouts at Lasham for years. He certainly had the knack of conning a couple of aeroplanes out of anyone.

Boss Raptor
21st Aug 2002, 16:07
As I remember they used a Comet Mk4 G-APDK as a sort of 'hut' for the Scout Gliding Association at Lasham...it was scrapped in 1980...

1st Sep 2002, 16:21
It was a Dan Air York, now undergoing restoration at Duxford. I have a photo of me, aged about six, reaching up to touch the prop tip (circa 1960)

25th Sep 2002, 01:26
I undertook my Scout First Class Hike on 5/6th October 1963. our route took us past Lasham. As an aviation nut even then, I persuaded my colleague to wander over to the Dan Air hangar.
A group of Air Scouts were washing York G-ANTK prior to it being towed to the Scout base on the northside, to the west of AirTows hangar.
We were photographed talking to "The Doc", the leader of the group.
This photo subsequently appeared on the cover of "The Scout" magazine.
The York was used as a bunkhouse for Scouts on gliding courses. I visited the aircraft several times in the ensuing years.Most of the cockpit controls/instrumentation were intact.
One of the last loads carried by G-ANTK was reputed to have been a consignment of monkeys.
Perhaps the pervading aroma proved too much for the "little monkeys" in the bunkhouse. Anyhow, the York was "put out to grass" and Comet G-APDK {I think, without checking records} replaced it.
The Air Scout gliding activities moved to Booker sometime in the early 1980s to the best of my knowledge.
My late, great friend ,John"Tiny" Whitney, a gliding instructor for the Scouts, lived on site in a mobile home alongside the two aircraft until the site was disbanded.

arthur harbrow
26th Sep 2002, 13:45
Thanks for the replies.Upon further reflection it must have been
between 1967 and 1969 that i gained access to the "scout hut".
It would be nice to think it was the York that is now at Duxford.

26th Sep 2002, 14:35

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