View Full Version : Concorde meets HMY Britannia

Akrotiri bad boy
10th Apr 2021, 09:27
The BBC website was celebrating the DofE's life in pictures one of which showed him at sea on HMY Britannia as Concorde made a low pass. The photo was taken during a Caribbean cruise, does anyone have any info about that Concorde flight?
Thanks in advance
Akro :ok:

14th Apr 2021, 19:20
I went to a golfing dinner years and years ago and the speaker was the Captain, I seem to remember he retired after a fuel issue, so was probably


14th Apr 2021, 19:44
NL,were club sandwiches on the menu ?

15th Apr 2021, 11:20
First and last one I went too... I was asked along as a guest of someone, never played the game.:)

Less Hair
15th Apr 2021, 11:35
The noise must have felt like being at home in Windsor castle.