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8th Feb 2021, 18:49

8th Feb 2021, 20:22
Listener Viv Bird accidentally joined an elite club in 1991 when she became one of few people to survive a plane crash... Hmmmm... teensy exaggeration by a script writer methinks..

Interesting story though.

Bandeirante: https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19911008-1

8th Feb 2021, 22:31
Love the bit where she mentions the ‘instruments that sniff the air’....

9th Feb 2021, 06:24
I met this lady soon after the accident.
One couldn't feel but to be moved by her account and her actions.
Her training had taught her that the first thing to do was to ensure the safety of the flight crew, which is what she did.