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31st Jan 2021, 10:58
Can anyone explain why direct flights are still operating to and from Dubai and Abu Dhabi? These are taking place at both LHR and MAN, in apparent contravention of the direct flight ban effective 1300 on Friday 29th January, 2021. Seems strange.

31st Jan 2021, 11:10
Probably cargo only

31st Jan 2021, 11:19
I see, Freight inbound, pax outbound.

Flying Clog
31st Jan 2021, 11:22
Correct RoyH

31st Jan 2021, 11:27
As a matter of interest and curiosity, what freight gets shipped from the UAE around the world?

I can only imagine that they must consolidate goods in the UAE from elsewhere and onwards ship as I can't think of anything that would originate there?

Del Prado
31st Jan 2021, 11:32
Quite a lot of the long haul in to U.K. are operating under their usual trip numbers but are cargo only at the moment.

31st Jan 2021, 14:01
Not only the UK but worldwide. A very high percentage of aircraft flying around presently are cargo flights with passenger aircraft models stripped of their seats (and in some cases not even that)!

31st Jan 2021, 20:38
Qatar isn't on the hot list - yet, but UAE is.

31st Jan 2021, 21:29

The Middle East is a transfer hub for passengers and freight. So the cargo travels from anywhere to anywhere through the hub.

The majority will be goods from the Far East to Europe. Many of the return flights from Europe, Africa and South America into the Middle East will contain fresh food for the local hotels and restaurants. I’d imagine the eastbound flights out of DXB/DOH are fairly lightly loaded, but happy to learn otherwise.

1st Feb 2021, 02:38

I understand that the UAE importslots of stuff from everywhere to function as (apart from oil) it manufactures diddly squat.

Hence the main point of my question, what freight is shipped to UK and Europe.

You have answered as I surmised, probably not very much at all.

Hence the main reasons for the flights are for the freight and limited pax inbound to the UAE.

1st Feb 2021, 02:58
small quantities, but they make composite airframe parts for both Boeing and Airbus....also snowboards for the major brands!

Del Prado
1st Feb 2021, 07:16

Probably quite a lot. Mainly cargo from Far East destined for Europe that flies via their cargo hub as Vokes55 says.

Emirates have converted 10 B777-300 from passenger to freight use and are also using A380s for cargo.
Emirates transport critical medical supplies including PPE from China and Korea via Dubai to Europe.


1st Feb 2021, 10:22
Hence the main point of my question, what freight is shipped to UK and Europe

Having operated those flights personally, I can say that the majority of freight being flown in coming from China is PPE for the NHS and medical Equipment from India for the NHS (There's a pandemic going on after all). Tropical fruit stuffs from SE Asia and Africa (UK needs food still). Electronics from Hong Kong and Vietnam (People are bored in lock down because of said pandemic). May not be much direct from the UAE, but love them or hate them, EK have a considerable cargo hub in Dubai where the wide reach of their network allows to have their freight consolidated there and flown out to other parts of the world - including the UK. You'd probably expect more flights to arrive as the AstraZeneca vaccine is manufactured just outside of Mumbai in Pune. As manufacturers scale up production, output logistics has to follow.

1st Feb 2021, 10:49
And not to give all the limelight to Emirates, it's ditto with Qatar Airways.

1st Feb 2021, 10:54
and the UAE ban means people travel to Qatar and Bahrein then to UK............

1st Feb 2021, 12:22
EK 17/18 (MAN) have been showing as cancelled since Saturday, but EY 21/22 has continued, seemingly with passengers on the outbound. QR22/23 and QR27/28, as noted above, are continuing with passengers in both directions.

9th Feb 2021, 15:36
The new and stringent penalties announced today should put an end to the "Dublin Dodge" and other travel variants, that permit people to travel to the UK from red-listed countries. Up to 10 years prison is likely to discourage even the most influential of influencers from crowing about their sun and fun vacations in places like Dubai. There are still websites operating that sell the schemes for staying "legal" while breaking the travel rules. An expansion of red-listed countries should bring their activities to a halt.

9th Feb 2021, 16:00
not before time!

9th Feb 2021, 16:20

Indeed there is a "Dublin Dodge with so many flying into Dublin and onto the UK they needed extra flights- seems like it is ending though!!

9th Feb 2021, 16:21

You could ask the same question for Singapore and Hong Kong.....

9th Feb 2021, 16:23
TBH, it’s safer to stay outside the UK than attempt to enter it.

9th Feb 2021, 17:22
Well, that rather depends on the quality of the healthcare system where you happen to be, and the depth and breadth of your medical cover.

​​​​​​Sat in UAE with a strong policy? I'd be pretty relaxed.

Sat in USA with no cover? I would be very afraid...