View Full Version : Spitfire aerobatics from an unusual perspective!

22nd Jan 2021, 11:08
This does things to your head...


22nd Jan 2021, 11:38
Great gun camera footage! :ok:

22nd Jan 2021, 13:25
Is it real? The paintwork looks just a little too perfect.

22nd Jan 2021, 13:52
Newly restored by Avspecs and first flight just a month ago - John Lamont giving her a wring out... This one was on the gate at Leuchars for many years, then Bentley Priory before being acquired by Historic Flying in 1988. Moved around several owners as a project since then, now owned by Tony Banta who tasked Avspecs with completion - I imagine she'll be on her way to California soon.

22nd Jan 2021, 17:18
I believe John Gillespie Magee, Jr. was along for that beautiful flight. Thank you for posting, treadigraph!

- Ed

22nd Jan 2021, 17:36
Great video. If the pilot’s name is John Lamont, the aircraft lettering couldn’t be more appropriate.

23rd Jan 2021, 05:01
You weren't kidding when you said gun camera. :ok:

23rd Jan 2021, 09:00
Great video. If the pilotís name is John Lamont, the aircraft lettering couldnít be more appropriate.

John used to be one of the guest display pilots at Flying Legends 20+ years ago, probably under the auspices of Ray and Mark Hanna who would go home to New Zealand for the Wanaka displays. Great days...

24th Jan 2021, 09:16
Is this the one owned by the American who has it painted underneath his Gulfstream ?