View Full Version : RAF in Turkey 1922/3 ?

20th Jan 2021, 14:20
Looking for help in identifying this old photo, showing Bristol F2B fighters somewhere hot and sandy. There is writing in ink on the back which says "Ban Yan Party enjoying rides in planes Cham Burnu". I have found a reference to Cham Burnu as a Turkiish military hospital during the Gallipoli campaign, but have not located it. Bristol Fighters of 208 squadron were in the RAF contingent sent to Turkey September 1922 - September 1923 during the "Chanak Incident" when Turkish forces threatened Greek and other occupying powers..They were based near Istanbul at a location then called San Stefano , later the site of Istanbul Yesilkoy airport. Or possibly somewhere completely different .......

20th Jan 2021, 15:35
A search in Turkish revealed that Maidos (or Maydos) is the old name for Eceabat. Cham Burnu was near there and I think I can see the remains of the old site on the coast. Can't see any sign of an old airfield though. I think this may be it.


I can make further local enquiries if it would help.