View Full Version : what happened to Ryanair's "Jaguar" on Sunday afternoon?

Brookmans Park
18th Aug 2002, 23:29
Much activity observed in the vicinity of EI - CJE on stand at STN around tea time Police Fire Paramedics two Meteor pax busses and all of the pax standing on the tarmac for a considerable time
and a total lack of any sign of life onboard the a/c.

(Will the "Flying Irishman" please refrain from his standard response to any post involving FR Please!!)

foo fighting
18th Aug 2002, 23:59
didn't think Ryanair planes actually came to a halt on the ground, surely that is irresponsible time wasting on the part of all involved.

Does RYR management know about this ?

A. Loony - Controller

19th Aug 2002, 21:03
Brookman's Park,

I only correct facts when the truth is perverted by all those people that love nothing more than slagging off Ryanair. No more and no less!