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18th Aug 2002, 19:36
RAF Saltby and RAF Langar paid prominent parts in the war effort. Salty launched hundreds of Dakotas and waco gliders towards Holland as part of Operation Market Garden. Can anyone point at a web site or some place to start some research into these un known airfields.

18th Aug 2002, 20:50
www.google.co.uk The enter 'RAF Saltby' or 'RAF Langar' in the search window.

Pom Pax
19th Aug 2002, 05:32
In the late 50s "LANGAR" was painted inlarge letters on a runway, I often wondered if it was because the R.C.A.F. couldn't find their way home! It was easily readable at 16,000ft! Or perhaps to be kind it was to avoid confussion with a similar nearby layout. However its the only field I've ever seen so marked and seems such a good idea saves all that map reading and vhf fixes. Before they all got built on or ploughed up you could always see atleast 1 field all the time over eastern England.

There is an excellent site listing all U.K. airfields past and present and I'm sure I got the url from this forum but can't locate it now.

However this will do for starters http://www.controltowers.co.uk/L/Langar.htm

19th Aug 2002, 08:21



19th Aug 2002, 21:03
There is a site which may be of use - it has a number of aerial photos of UK airfield both defunct and active and some details of its history-


henry crun
19th Aug 2002, 22:53
I once saw a late 1940's mil topo of East Anglia.

If north/south lines were drawn roughly through Bedford and the coast, and east/west lines though the Wash and London there were well over 300 airfields in that part of UK alone.

21st Aug 2002, 00:25
I've just acquired a book called Military Airfields in the British Isles 1939-1945 by Steve Willis and Barry Hollis. It has diagrams for 653 wartime sites in the UK and is a mine of information. It doesn't include manufacturers airfields so it can't be treated as a full UK airfield list.

It was published in 1990 so copies may be hard to track down..


29th Aug 2002, 23:07
Hello Boys and Girls and fellow citizens of Wibble,

Just had a look at some of websites listed above, I am looking for some aerial photo's of "then and now" of some of the old arifields around. Any suggestions?


30th Aug 2002, 08:11
Well as a first suggestion I suggest you get off the planet wibble and get into earth orbit please.