View Full Version : Flight delayed as man climbs onto wing of 737 at Las Vegas

13th Dec 2020, 14:59
CNN reporting that Alaska Airlines flight 1437 delayed for approx 4hrs after a man scaled the perimeter fence at McCarran and climbed onto the wing of a 737


Wouldn't have thought it that easy to climb up, but he managed it.

13th Dec 2020, 15:08
So much for "Airport Security".

The Bartender
13th Dec 2020, 15:34
The MAX comes equipped with it's own ladder....

13th Dec 2020, 16:02
Well at least the winglets seem to be quite solidly affixed...

13th Dec 2020, 16:30
Here’s video of the event. He took quite a fall. Looks like the police use the EE on the wing to go out after him. Crazy.


13th Dec 2020, 16:35
One more - shows LE exiting the aircraft EE.


Una Due Tfc
13th Dec 2020, 16:44
He eh, seems awfully attracted to that winglet.

13th Dec 2020, 16:54

13th Dec 2020, 17:14
Alaskan appears to have been holding here for an 8L departure:


13th Dec 2020, 17:33
It's the hand/arm...

13th Dec 2020, 17:40
The MAX comes equipped with it's own ladder....

Kinda brave to climb up there with the engines running...

13th Dec 2020, 17:50
Such a strange thing to attempt. What was the purpose?
I can only speculate the poor individual is not all quite there. The systems in place should have stopped such an occurrance.

13th Dec 2020, 18:10
Perhaps the aftermath bad night at the gaming tables.
I hope the gentleman gets the medical treatment he needs.

13th Dec 2020, 18:44
I know that many people found lockdown scary and hard to deal with, but this just takes things to the next level. Poor guy apparently needs specialist help. Nobody in their right mind would do anything like that. It's the exact sort of illogical thing which a person in severely disturbed mental health would attempt without being able to give any rationale for it when questioned.

The Bartender
13th Dec 2020, 20:53
Kinda brave to climb up there with the engines running...
They saw him approaching and shut down.


14th Dec 2020, 01:57
Kinda brave to climb up there with the engines running...

I am not entirely convinced that he was considering this particular issue at the time....

14th Dec 2020, 04:17
'Tis a fine line indeed, between bravery and stupidity. I think I'll go with stupidity with respect to this incident.

14th Dec 2020, 06:44
What is the weight limit of the end of the wing? Ie How many humans can stand on the end?

14th Dec 2020, 06:58
We could find out. Maybe make an event out of it.

14th Dec 2020, 07:02
I'm sure a fair few could

Jet II
14th Dec 2020, 07:03
The weight is not an issue, I was more concerned about the cops walking out and what damage their boots would do.

14th Dec 2020, 07:31
If only Boeing had made the "No walk" markings more prominent. :O

14th Dec 2020, 08:11
Just another “extinction rebellion” person trying to stop a flight isn’t it?

Joe le Taxi
14th Dec 2020, 08:17
Did the officers not "spot", ready to partly catch the guy to stop his head hitting the deck, because they didn't think of it, or because of "health and safety"?

14th Dec 2020, 12:53
If you watch the first vid it appears they deliberately didn't want to get too close, possibly because they feared it might panic him.

Joe le Taxi
14th Dec 2020, 13:14
Possibly, but I was referring to the officers on the apron, who only ran to him after he fell. Maybe jt was just a question of being 10 seconds too late.

14th Dec 2020, 13:31
Maybe he thought it was a 737 MAX and he was performing a public duty by stopping it taking off?

14th Dec 2020, 14:11
And how many of those officers would have been hurt attempting to catch this 150 - 200 pound individual?

14th Dec 2020, 15:21
I find it hard to believe anyone could climb onto a wing from the ground with the engines running, unless they saw him coming and were quick to shut them down . But that spot is a long long way from the perimeter fence, isn't it? Seems amazing he'd get that far without being spotted.
My guess is we'll find he was pax and went out of the overwing exit.
Did he fall or was he tasered?

14th Dec 2020, 15:56
Joe le Taxi

He'd weigh about 12-15 stone at least. You'd be a bit stupid to be underneath trying to catch him, and would probably cause yourself an injury.

14th Dec 2020, 16:07
meleagertoo, I would suggest you listen to the r/t in post #15.

14th Dec 2020, 16:29
The police who walked out on the wing were lucky that the subject fell off before they got to him. Any struggle with the subject could very easily have seen one or more police falling off with him onto concrete. People have died falling from the door.

Don't know how many tether points are on the wing, but they really should have been hooked up.

14th Dec 2020, 17:26

That really surprised me when one of the Officers went out on the wing. For those of you who haven’t been out on one, they can be more slippery than they look, and because of the convex section, once you start to slide you’ve gone. Better to call the fire truck...

14th Dec 2020, 17:36
They were probably planning just to shoot him ...

14th Dec 2020, 20:08
Darwin wins again