View Full Version : Russia going to feet/qnh?

18th Nov 2020, 08:06

could be a real improvement for operations into and over Russia.

18th Nov 2020, 08:23
Good news. Now let's wait for the chinese to do the same.

White Knight
19th Nov 2020, 03:34
Over Russia has been RVSM FLs for some years now... But it would be nice to have feet and QNH below TL.

26th Nov 2020, 10:28
Define "western" !?

How would the transition be handled for a flight crossing the boundary ?

2nd Dec 2020, 17:47
There is no transition, because flightlevel in feet stays flightlevel in feet.

8th Jan 2021, 13:12
oh nice to hear. It will be a lot easier for us in the Approach, no need to deal with QFE and add feet
Hopefully China will go to Feet instead of meteres
Anyway, this is if I ever return to fly one day