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11th Oct 2001, 22:48
According to foreign reports an armed passenger tried to hijack an aircraft on an internal flight in Brazil. The cabin crew overpowered the hijacker. There were 23 pax on board.

12th Oct 2001, 01:06
Some more info on the incident.

It took place on a Rio Sul Airlines' ERJ-145 flying from Sao Paulo (Brazilīs biggest city) and Uberlandia. A passenger, apparently after arguing with an air hostess over hand luggage search, took hold of a metal knife (still in use on that company according to local press) and threatened the crew. Pilots issued a distress call. Other pax managed to control the man.

By then, Brazilian air defense command had already been alerted by ATC about a possible hijack. The aircraft landed soon after the incident. The pax was arrested and interrogated by federal agents.

Too much tension up there it seems... :D