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16th Aug 2002, 22:28
What was the planned size and composition of Tiger Force which was scheduled to go to the Far East in late 45/ early 46?

I know it was going to be centered around the Lincoln bomber - however what else was the RAF sending?

Also, has anyone got any info on the refuelling system they intended to use (I checked the Flight Refeulling Ltd site but they had nothing on it!).

Any replies would be helpful

16th Aug 2002, 23:10
"Flight Refuelling Ltd had been formed by British aviation pioneer Sir Alan Cobham in 1934 to develop air to air refuelling as a commercial proposition. By 1939 the first regular flight refuelled transatlantic airmail flights, using the looped hose method, were inaugurated but the outbreak of war terminated the service. The surplus equipment was used in a series of successful wartime trials in the USA and in 1944 Sir Alan was awarded an air ministry contract for 600 sets of looped hose flight-refuelling equipment for the RAF's "Tiger Force" Lancasters. A considerable amount of work had been completed before the contract was suddenly cancelled in 1945. After the war Flight Refuelling continued the transatlantic trials leading to a successful flight refuelled passenger service to Bermuda in 1947".

First Contacts!
By Flt Lt G R Weightman

First Contacts! (http://www.fortunecity.co.uk/village/rainbowroad/382/101web/first_contacts.htm)

21st Aug 2002, 02:41
As a follow up does anyone have a likely order of battle for Tiger Force?

Alternatively are there any books on the subject?

27th Aug 2002, 16:12
Tiger Force – RAF projected heavy bomber offensive against Japan November 1944

This is the projected order of battle of RAF Bomber Command for operations against Japan commencing 15th August 1945. Operations never commenced due to Japanese surrender.

Advanced Pacific Strike Force:


Squadron Nos 12, 44, 83, 90, 115, 150, 218, 460


Squadron Nos 408, 415, 420, 424, 425, 426, 427, 429, 433, 405, 413.

Southeast Asia:


Squadron Nos. 7, 9, 15, 57, 156, 97, 101, 166, 467, 617

Nos 9 and 617 equipped with Tallboy bombs for special operations.

All squadrons equipped with 20 tropicalised Lancaster Mk I/IV except No 544 squadron using Mosquito 34 and Spitfire’s for photo-recon.