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Genghis the Engineer
16th Aug 2002, 20:35
If anybody has an interest in these curious and historical aircraft, I was down at Popham airfield today, and discovered that they are having a Flying-Flea fly-in all weekend.

I shall be there tomorrow, but only 'cos a kind Frenchman in a moment of weakness offered me a go in his HM293 (the single seat taildragger version).

Now if only I can find somebody who will let me have a go in an HM14 !


Lu Zuckerman
16th Aug 2002, 21:15
If you are interested in constructing a Flying Flea check this out:



17th Aug 2002, 20:20
I wonder whether a 293 or even a 14 could be microlight legal.


Genghis the Engineer
17th Aug 2002, 20:52

Looks possible.

Nice picture of an HM14 Lu, although isn't the engine a little higher on that than usual?