View Full Version : Air France/Transavia - earnings, redundancies

Tartiflette Fan
5th Aug 2020, 13:53
Article in Le Figaro of August 3rd ( not allowed to give link ) quotes pilot union SNPL as saying earnings are 25%-40% lower than pre-pandemic.Ten percent of pilots ( 400)have taken voluntary redundancy,leaving at the end of this month. The initial plan was to cut 1 255 ( of 4 300) and then fire and re-hire the rest on worse conditions (.I'm very surprised this could ever have been contemplated, even after Macron's reforms of the Code du Travail.)

The article doesn't actually say that salary has been reduced, whilst alluding to a loss of flight-pay which it says " contrary to competitors which offer a fixed salary, earnings of Air France/Transavia pilots are heavily linked to how much they fly "

The future plan is to cut total staff numbers by 7 580 by the end of 2022