View Full Version : Now Jet 2 have issued redundancy notices

23rd Jun 2020, 23:13
Another 100+ plus Jet 2 pilots redundant today

23rd Jun 2020, 23:34
Isn't it actually 102 proposed pilot redundancies and the obligatory consultation process with BALPA has been initiated?

And a proposed basic salary reduction to 70% of the original amount starting August 1? The implied threat is that the 102 number is just the start and may go much higher for the winter schedule if the pay cut isn't accepted.

Two versions of the Jet2 letter were sent out. Which one you got depended on your likelihood of getting the chop.

It's 'let's make a deal' time with a lot of downside potential for everyone.

Jet II
24th Jun 2020, 00:30
And a proposed 70% pay cut starting August 1?

Wow! - I thought that EK's 50% was bad..:eek:

Sad news and good luck to everyone.

24th Jun 2020, 01:10
Proposed 30% cut ie. retain 70%.

24th Jun 2020, 02:09
Wow! - I thought that EK's 50% was bad..:eek:

I got that one bass-ackwards. :ugh: I'll edit my earlier post.

I've had a few of those 100% pay cuts though... :(

24th Jun 2020, 10:26
Don't expect any generous payoff. I was made redundant by Channex (Jet2) back in 2005 when they got rid of FEs. 18 years = 6580 payment. Still the same boss.

24th Jun 2020, 12:10
I got the bullet from Channex at the same time and got the absolute statuary minimum.

Kirks gusset
24th Jun 2020, 14:16
The long letter from the management makes interesting reading and attempts to focus on the Company needs by base and type whilst observing a sense of fairness, having said that it does stress that this communication could be the first of many as business models change.
"pilots requiring least training" " base changes" "retiring fleets" cancelling wet leases, fairness in rostering and using holidays, all come to the fore, so it could be a bumpy ride until things pick up.
30% pay cut planned to be restored Dec.. as always, the devil is in the detail.
As observed, ex TCX guys and seasonal workers culled, a/c deliveries cancelled, seems to be in line with the rest of industry. Guess the EZ guys will find out their fate this week..
Lifting travel restrictions is not a panacea if the public have no desire to travel or face equally draconian measures on arrival. There's always much ventilated about "healthy competition and passenger choice" looks like the over capacity will kill the golden goose of aviation
Best of luck to all.