View Full Version : The Crash of Hastings TG579

John (Gary) Cooper
14th Aug 2002, 14:44
How many of you ex RAF types can recall this crash at RAF Gan, Maldives, in a ferocious storm on 01/03/1960. I was a passenger on board, all 20 crew/pax escaped by some sort of miracle and some wonderful brave deeds. The RAF kept this very quiet under the 30 year rule, I asked many questions when I was in the mob as to WHY, 18 months ago I found the reason, read about it on my website http://splashdown2.tripod.com CAN I JUST ASK YOU TO BE PATIENT IN OBTAINING ACCESS TO THE SITE AS BANDWIDTH RESTRICTIONS SOMETIMES APPLY.

14th Aug 2002, 16:20
If people are hitting your bandwidth limit, then there is a cached copy of the page available on google.
Google's cached copy (


John (Gary) Cooper
14th Aug 2002, 18:39
Thanks Graham, I didn't know that, I use Google as my search engine always and often use the cache system. Bandwidth as I write has been exceeded but cache works, GREAT STUFF!