View Full Version : Easyjet Flying ??

Captain Numpty
23rd Apr 2020, 16:18
Just clocked these two airborne on Flight Radar now, & saw LPL to LGW yesterday as well



Ferry flights or repositioning may be, but I can't see them being reparation flights which I know EJ have been involved. Who needs repatriating from LTN - LPL? :)

23rd Apr 2020, 16:23
Boys with their toys having a ride out !!!!

23rd Apr 2020, 18:39
Maintenance positioning flights.

23rd Apr 2020, 20:03
If they don't want to put their aircraft into long term storage, they have to fly them every few weeks. Had the same in a previous company, was always fun to get a duty: Fly, choose what you do, at least 30 minutes. Usually off to the baltic sea, some basic airwork, back home. For some reason the company had a few aircraft parked, not stored, for over a year.