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22nd Apr 2020, 14:00
Have heard that they may have gone into administration?

Anyone heard or know?

Hopefully not as its an amazing place and it will be a hit for the nation.

22nd Apr 2020, 14:09

22nd Apr 2020, 14:21
I wonder if there is any connection to SAA's troubles? I believe Air Mauritius was leasing A350s to them. I am just speculating here, but if they had to write off monies owed by SAA, combined with the Covid problems everyone else is facing then the owners may have decided it was better to pull the plug earlier rather than later.

22nd Apr 2020, 16:38
I can confirm that they have indeed been put in administration.


Bit surprising as it was the corruption machine of whichever government was in place. Still an important asset for the island... maybe cheaper / leaner to restart from scratch?