View Full Version : BA bring urgent PPE from China strapped in the 777 seats!

19th Apr 2020, 03:54
No one heard of freighters?


compressor stall
19th Apr 2020, 03:59
What's your problem with this? Pay an eastern European freighter (and probably wait some days as they're in high demand), or charter your national airline to do it, keeping the money in the country?

Looks fine and no issues with the way the freight is carried.


19th Apr 2020, 04:20
The use of "seat packs" to load freight in F-28's was extensively used in WA from the 1970's, sometimes in a mix of Pax/freight.

A canvas type bag, strapped to the seat belts, seat loadings observed, mostly northbound ex Perth, so an equivalent pax weight less the pack carried as freight, way to go as freight in the holds as well.

There is a lack of real world thinking with some people??

19th Apr 2020, 04:56
Would the 77kg per seat CAO limit apply in this case?