View Full Version : WW2 Landing Craft in Lake District

Pontius Navigator
18th Apr 2020, 19:33
Sorry, nostalgia not aviation, but hope someone can help.

In the 1950s two WW2 Landing Craft were beached near the Scout camp on Ennerdale Water. They were both rusty, wrecked and gutted.

Now the odd thing as there was no navigable river. The roads were unsuitable and the craft too big anyway. They were each the size of a dock barge but not, I think, large enough to carry a tank.

Anyone got a clue?

19th Apr 2020, 05:35
Try this PN and see if anything looks similar.


You'd be surprised at what can be done by heavy haulage. Locally they moved a 700 ton WWII corvette from the ocean to the town by road for permanent display.

Phileas Fogg
19th Apr 2020, 07:02
If they can shift Nimrods by road they they can ...