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13th Aug 2002, 11:53
Does anyone have tales/knowledge of the history, arrival, use and fate of the (3 I think) Vulcans that were at Halton in the 1970s?

I've been told now that at least one arrived by air (on Haltons grass field). I saw them many times as an Air Cadet at the Gliding School at Halton, all with xxxM (maintenance) serials.

One was silver, one white and if there was a 3rd I believe it may have been camouflaged. Was the silver one a prototype of some sort or were any of them natural metal in operational service?

...and whilst we're at it, there was a Comet C2, Argosy & several Canberras too. Did anyone see them arrive?

13th Aug 2002, 12:27
I saw the white Vulcan arrive when I was an apprentice there.

It was in 1967 and must have been in the late summer (to ensure that the field was good and hard, thinking about it). I was in a vantage point in the local hills - Pimple Point for any ex-brats - and watched it approach, shepherded by a Basset. He landed straight in without any drama and I'm told that the nose ended up virtually over the boundary fence.

The silver Vulcan was already there when I arrived and was heavily corroded even then, we weren't allowed on the upper surfaces. There were a few Canberras there at the time, also having been there for some while, judging by the state of them. There were no Argosies then.

The Comet also preceded my arrival and was also badly corroded. Also at the airfield were a couple of Hunters, a Twin-Pin and a Single-Pin and a Piston Provost which was used for marshalling training. The 'volunteer' pilot used to tie us in knots by following every marshalling signal rigidly! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Can't help with any tail numbers, however.

Happy days.....

14th Aug 2002, 15:55
Hope this helps :

All three were orginally Vulcan B.Mk.1

XA892 delivered 1955, only the fourth built, used for manufacturers trials and A & AEE trials, to Halton as instructional airframe 7746M scrapped 72. Appeared at the Farnborough Airshow in 1956

XH479 delivered 28-3-58 Converted to B.1 A standard 1961, delivered as instructional airframe 7974M scrapped 73

XA898 delivered 3-1-57 230 OCU for its entire service life, then delivered to Halton on 25-8-64 as instructional airframe 7856M scrapped 71

A usefull link for serials and history :-


and a photo of XH479 at RNAS Brawdy Air Day 1966