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8th Apr 2020, 08:32
Good morning all,
I'm trying to help a mate who's building a model of one of the participants at the Phantom's 25th held at Greenham Common way back in 1983.
The jet in question is FG1 XT863 of 111 Squadron. She won the concors d'elegance so was obviously in pristine condition. The problem he has is
what colours the jet was painted, as two references contradict each other.

Oldies like me will remember the Modeldecal series with great affection. Their sheet states that she was in the standard three tone grays that was just coming
into common use across the F4 fleet. A more recent decal sheey from Xtradecal says the jet was a single overall shade of light aircraft gray.

The only picture I have is from a front angle, and the inner wing sections aren't clear. In addition, having gone back to look at others taken on the day, at least
one of the RAF F4's looks to have been a single gray tone. Can any of you out there shed some light on this?

I know we're all in strange times, and that this may seem t be a bit anorakish to some. Maybe so, although it would be nice to put this little bit of RAF history to bed once and
for all.

Thanks in anticipation.


8th Apr 2020, 09:27
This photograph was taken 23rd July 1983 at Greenham Common.

Maybe your jet.


8th Apr 2020, 11:16
Another photo here: https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/abpic-media-eu-production/pictures/full_size_043/1064937-large.jpg


8th Apr 2020, 13:08
Flickr search


8th Apr 2020, 13:12

I think your question has been answered.

8th Apr 2020, 14:32
Thanks for the prompt replies gentlemen.
The pictures will undoubtedly help, although they are a big ambiguous. Allow me to expand a bit.
The colour demarcations between upper an lower shades line up along the small air intakes on each side of the lower nose.
At the rear they run just above the Sparrow missile wells.

On the last shot, looking carefully I can make out a tonal difference at the back end of the aircraft. This is not obvious at the front.
I'll leave it up to my mate to make the call!

Thanks again.