View Full Version : Plans to use grounded widebodies as ITUs...

7th Apr 2020, 11:19
Interesting use of currently grounded jets...


The AvgasDinosaur
7th Apr 2020, 11:26
Private patients at the front. Peasant class to the rear ??

pax britanica
7th Apr 2020, 11:51
Or to put it in todays terms
Pointless economic parasites at the front- brave essential personnel at the back

7th Apr 2020, 11:54
Good luck trying to deep clean a wide-body to the standard needed for a hospital ward or operating theatre. Sounds crazy and pointless.

Ex Cargo Clown
7th Apr 2020, 12:03
Could use the holds I guess.

7th Apr 2020, 12:14
Whilst I'm sure the motivation is positive, not all the ideas that spring from adversity are as great as they first appear. One doing the rounds here a couple of weeks back, a plan to convert all the ice-cream vans into delivery vehicles for dairy etc: would keep the ice cream sellers gainfully employed & ease the burden for those self isolating! Sounds brilliant, until someone (who may have been me...) pointed out we have purpose built vehicles, with drivers, doing that already around here...called milk men...

7th Apr 2020, 12:19
There's plenty of unused sports halls that would be much easier to convert.

7th Apr 2020, 12:21
Or use the empty terminals where the aircraft are parked. But only when all the hotels have been filled.

Now going to wait for the next crazy idea to emerge. It is worrying how stupid these people are.

7th Apr 2020, 12:22
The charity ORBIS are probably the word experts in this task.


7th Apr 2020, 12:45
ORBIS are able to deliver first world medical care into third world countries using a specially fitted out aircraft, better alternative exist in the west without the need to remove seats and reconfigure cabins. As we are now getting into warner weather, temporary army structures are quite suitable.

7th Apr 2020, 13:09
france have been doing this in converted A330s also to move the sick between hospitals across the country. Mobile (flying hospitals) makes some sense.
Doesn't make sense to bring people airside to parked / redundant planes. Be better off converting buildings like closed Universities or hotels into hospitals.

7th Apr 2020, 14:45
"The group say the advantage of using planes is that not only are they mobile and there are plenty of them now available, but also that their filtered, one-way airflow systems mirror those of an operating theatre."

Well, the last aircraft with one-way airflow were DC-9 - 30 Anything bigger/youger is using recirculation fans, meaning that used air from the cabin is redistributed back - evenly distributing everything that was exhaled across the cabin. I am not sure about grade of filtering, but definitelly not in micrometer range.
And, the dirtiest thing I saw and worked on was Air Condiiton system of an 10-15 years old airplane from a second class airline. Mixing chambers and ducts layered with worst dirt you can imagine - and best growth bed for germ if you add moisture and right temperature, I suppose.
I think converting hotels, sports halls, etc. would be much easier, methinks.

7th Apr 2020, 16:24
I thought all large pax a/c have True HEPA filters and the air system blends recirc and outside air. True HEPA will capture most viruses...

7th Apr 2020, 16:46
There's plenty of unused sports halls that would be much easier to convert.
Lots of empty hotels - Some in rural settings with beds, support infrastructure such as kitchens, laundry, janitorial staff. Would need some medical staff, but could relieve main hospitals by taking less sever cases and convalescing patients.

Lots of pubs empty too

Dont Hang Up
7th Apr 2020, 16:47
Is shortage of space really the issue?

I mean, compared to shortage of ventilators, nurses and doctors?

7th Apr 2020, 16:56
Is shortage of space really the issue?

I mean, compared to shortage of ventilators, nurses and doctors?

It apparently is. In my Hometown Dortmund, the space under the northern stand of the football stadium has been converted into a treatment center for Corona-infected people.