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5th Apr 2020, 16:08
I just found this old photo of G-ANTK, a Dan Air York at Lasham in 1962. I am under the prop and the other two people are my mother and father. This is at Duxford now.

5th Apr 2020, 17:12
Nice; thanks for posting.

Cornish Jack
6th Apr 2020, 08:26
Hmmm! - Flt Eng working on 3/4 time? :=

6th Apr 2020, 08:39
Around 1963/4 a detachment of Victor 1s were sent from Honington to Tengah to add some deterrence against Sukarno's Indonesia confrontation with Malaysia. One day a Dan Dare York arrived at Honington to convey spares to the detachment which were too big to go into Transport Commands Comets and Britannias. The impressive thing about the York was the full drum of engine oil in the cabin. This was reckoned to be the requirement for the fives days it was going to take to get there.

It managed it , they all arrived on schedule.

6th Apr 2020, 08:59
I thought the drum of oil was to aid navigation on the return legs. ;)

6th Apr 2020, 11:00
I used that technique in the North Sea. I followed my dog ends back to base.