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11th Oct 2001, 21:25
I am a new Com Pilot with 300hrs total time and a twin rating on a B55 and B58. How do i find work and what are my chances. Can anybody give me some direction on where to start or what to do. I am prepared to fly anything to anywhere

11th Oct 2001, 21:34
Quit while your ahead. :cool:

Capt. Horatio Slappy !!
11th Oct 2001, 23:39
Cheers mate! (above ) I haven't laughed so hard in ages ! :D

12th Oct 2001, 00:23
Just find the address of every company in the world that you are prepared to move to work for and send them a CV.

If luck is going to smile on you then it will, just keep trying as long as you can afford to, and try to find a corner of aviation that perhaps no-one else might want. Exploit that while times are hard.

Good luck. I was once where you are some twenty five years ago.