View Full Version : ARE THERE OTHERS? CX Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew comes down with Wuhan Flu/Coronavirus

Dog Star
11th Mar 2020, 13:19
Common link seems to be that both KAL (Isreal) and CX (Egypt) cabin crew members had been exposed to "others" who had been visiting locations in what could be described as "the ancient near east" - are there any other documented instances of infection of coronavirus passing to cabin/cockpit crew?


Dog Star
11th Mar 2020, 14:50
Answering my own question here. From less than 48 hours coronavirus infection of JAL cabin crew member.


11th Mar 2020, 15:17
There are undoubtedly hundreds of aircrew who have been infected with Covid-19. But since it is asymptomatic in a large proportion of cases (i.e the body's immune system just deals with it without any drama) then these will never reach the statistics,