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12th Aug 2002, 11:29
Have just returned from Malta where I spent a week with the missus and managed to persuade her to allow a visit to the Malta Aviation Museum at Ta'Qali. Approaching the building (by Ta'Qali craft village which utilises the old Nissen huts from the old airfield there) I wasn't expecting much but I was proved wrong!
I'm working on memory cause my photos arent back yet but there were a couple of oddities there. Flying flea, spitfire, hurricane fuselage (recovered from an accident and is looking rather good now), dakota (ex BEA i think), beech twin (rather old and sorry but getting there), Fiat G91R and a perfectly formed 2 seat Vampire (correct me if its a venom!!). Not bad for 1 lira entry fee. Also there was an example of the Link traininer on display and a lot of memorabilia etc.
I'm sure someone will put me straight on the types someday but i recommend it! (plus its under the approach to Luqa if the wind is right)..

12th Aug 2002, 13:39

Refresh your memory at:


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