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23rd Feb 2020, 07:32
Am looking for approach charts of the Greenland airfield Bluie East Two (BE2) - am researching facts around the crash landing off the coast of Angmagssalik of a Barkley-Grow T8P-1 aircraft, registered CF-BMV, Dec 22, 1942.
BE2 was an USAAF) airfield operational from 1942 to 1947.
So far I know that the USAAF Pilot's Handbook 'North Atlantic' didn't cover BE2 - only BW1,3,8,9
Any help or hint is welcome!


23rd Feb 2020, 08:18
OK, he's corrected his post to 1942 .......... Crash 22.12.1942 (20.7.2004) (http://www.warcovers.dk/greenland/crash221242.htm)


23rd Feb 2020, 08:27
1942 - sorry, was a typo!
And by the way - the photo in the mentioned link shows a Lockheed Model 10 !