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22nd Feb 2020, 20:26
Very sad:



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https://www.forces.net/sites/default/files/styles/cover_image/public/Victor%20Gate%20Guardian%20at%20RAF%20Marham%20220118%20CRED IT%20RAF%20MARHAM.jpg?itok=zd5kr3TD
RAF (https://www.forces.net/services/raf)RAF Marham's Gate Guardian Remains Up For Grabs

Those wanting to give the Victor aircraft a new home have until the end of the month to register their interest.

19th February 2020 at 12:01pmRAF Marham’s gate guardian is still up for grabs but time is running out if you would like to get your hands on the Victor jet.

The announcement that the Cold War-era aircraft was available to a new home generated huge publicity, with comedian and actor Johnny Vegas among those interested (https://www.forces.net/news/ill-have-it-could-johnny-vegas-be-next-owner-raf-marhams-gate-guardian).

"I'll find a home for it and if I have to keep it on my roof, I will,” the former Benidorm star said.
AIRCRAFT (https://www.forces.net/technology/aircraft)Could You Give RAF Marham's Gate Guardian A New Home? (https://www.forces.net/news/could-you-give-raf-marhams-gate-guardian-new-home)11th February 2020The Norfolk base is offering the jet out for free as it cannot afford its repairs.

A recent assessment revealed the aircraft is “suffering from structural weaknesses” and as it stands, it faces being scrapped unless someone gives it a new home.

"The costs associated with the repairs are well beyond the financial provision allocated to gate guardian maintenance," an RAF Marham spokesperson told Forces News.

"If no-one is able to take this on as a restoration project then, unfortunately, the aircraft will need to be scrapped."
https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1194202911703797760/IqhsUFnQ_bigger.jpg (https://twitter.com/ForcesNews)
Forces News (https://twitter.com/ForcesNews)✔@ForcesNews (https://twitter.com/ForcesNews)Has @RAF_Marham (https://twitter.com/RAF_Marham) found a new owner for its gate guardian? https://abs.twimg.com/emoji/v2/72x72/2708.png

The base is offering its Cold War-era Victor jet to a new home for free, due to the costs of maintaining it.

It faces the scrap if no new home is found, and @JohnnyVegasReal (https://twitter.com/JohnnyVegasReal) says he is prepared to "save that plane".
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11:14 AM - Feb 13, 2020
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See Forces News's other Tweets (https://twitter.com/ForcesNews)THE QUEEN (https://www.forces.net/royals/queen)Queen Watches F-35 Vertical Landing During RAF Marham Visit (https://www.forces.net/news/queen-visits-raf-marham)3rd February 2020People wanting to give the aircraft a new home have until the end of the month to register their interest.

The base will then look through all the applications before making a decision.

The Victor, which was operated from RAF Marham, was a British jet-powered strategic bomber, produced by the Handley Page Aircraft Company.

It was the third and final of the V-bombers operated by the Royal Air Force.

Anyone interested in having the Victor aircraft should email: [email protected].

Cover Image: The Victor jet sits at the entrance of RAF Marham (Picture: RAF Marham).


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23rd Feb 2020, 04:44
...also see
pprune.org/military-aviation/629452-anyone-want-victor-bomber-free-good-home.html :ok: