View Full Version : What is that lurking in the background?

18th Feb 2020, 18:29
Just found this image. No clues to location or date but would have to be late forties or early fifties. Blowed if I know.
https://cimg9.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1600x961/s_l1600_halifax_and_mystery_plane_1c856a850f93ffe0739357e240 f8f00dfb4b7dbd.jpg

18th Feb 2020, 18:33
T-33 I'd say...

18th Feb 2020, 18:48
I'd say the same. Although the P-80 is an option as well (theoretically).

18th Feb 2020, 19:34
A chimney.

18th Feb 2020, 19:47
P/F-80...T-BIRD later

18th Feb 2020, 19:52
The split airbrake definitely says T-33/P-80, more likely the latter given the era

18th Feb 2020, 20:10
Looks like Germany and it's a P-80.

18th Feb 2020, 20:26
Could be a MkV111 Halifax; another jet hiding behind it`s stbd u/c,and strange parking area with picketing rings,and a GPU between the wheels...

18th Feb 2020, 20:32
What type of aeroplane is being manoeuvred by the hangar doors?

18th Feb 2020, 20:41
Think that's a SIPA 903.

18th Feb 2020, 22:48
,The biplane is a Stampe SV-4,possibly a Nord845 behind....somewhere in France...?
Ahhh,yes ,couple of 2CV s as well....

19th Feb 2020, 04:21
Top photo I would guess is one of the two P-80's sent to the UK prior to the end of the war, based with USAAF at Burtonwood. Two others went to Italy.


19th Feb 2020, 08:11
The image of the Halifax came off an online auction site. Said to be a Mark V1 of Coastal Command.

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19th Feb 2020, 20:49
Is this a new thread? "Identify the aircraft in the background"? I like it! The rules: Correctly identify the aircraft through evidence, personal assurance or corroboration, and then post another one. Please have another one in your buffer. Please have another one. No Time Limits. Time Zones be damned. Basically, get it right, and post another. So, what do you think?

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20th Feb 2020, 07:38
"No Time Limits. Time Zones be damned. Basically, get it right, and post another. So, what do you think?"

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