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20th Jan 2020, 12:29
Can anyone identify the chap in this image? He is thought to be an instructor from No.2 FTS at Syerston in the early 1960's

20th Jan 2020, 13:58
I can't help with the ID, but I can confirm that's a Syerston Aeroplane. Checking my logbook, fleet numbers 36 and 38 were Mk 4, so I guess 37 must be.

20th Jan 2020, 14:07
Such photos were known as nause photos - 'cos they were nauseating. Usually sent to girl friends and doting grand parents.
Would have looked better if he had taken the intake blanks out.

20th Jan 2020, 14:14
That's interesting? The only "37" from 2 FTS I could find was a T Mk.3 XM407, which was o/s Feb 1960 to May 1962. Does that fit in with your time at Syerston?

20th Jan 2020, 15:11
Sorry, no. I was there May '65 to May 66, so the fleet numbers may have changed in the interim.

20th Jan 2020, 15:25
Maybe he's from Safety Equipment.

20th Jan 2020, 17:29
A rather sad photo of XM407 can be found here

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/26235108782/

Not sure if this is the same aircraft?

20th Jan 2020, 17:30
He looks too `smug` to be a `stude,`..laid-back,gloves even rolled-up,must be a QFI..!
My l/book shows `37` as XP669/Mk4 in May`63` and ``46` in Nov.`63.
.Maybe `Fixed Cross` might remember who it is...?
The name `Pearson` strikes a chord,as a `QFI` who `guested once....

20th Jan 2020, 18:04
The MSN appears to show PAC/W/8080 which doesn’t appear in the information I can find. However, XM409 and XM410 are PAC/W/8082 and 8083 according to U.K. Serials. That would tie in 8080 as XM407 IF XM408 wasn’t PAC/W/9215... there seems no rhyme or reason...

XM407 ended up at the fire school in Manston.

XP669 is PAC/W/17638.

However, non of this identifies the driver - sorry for the thread drift!

21st Jan 2020, 09:53
RHS and relaxed demeanour ,
Probable Instructor?

21st Jan 2020, 09:57
My `font` of knowledge, my `old` QFI,reckons it is Colin Braithwaite,whom we believe went to Oxford after leaving the RAF.Still waiting on clarification on aircraft serial,as Bob flew `37` as solo aeros.

21st Jan 2020, 11:22
Sycamore: thank you. Courtesy of Steve Gyles - is this the one?Jet Provost T Mk.4 XP669 2FTS/49 17-9-62, recoded 37; 27MU 5-12-69