View Full Version : anyone interested in a "What Person" thread?

14th Dec 2019, 08:56
similar rules to what cockpit, aerodrome, aircraft but about people?

14th Dec 2019, 09:03
Some 'What Person' might not want to be reminded about his history.

14th Dec 2019, 11:12
We could restrict it to the dead.

To star in the fabulous;y instructive "Aftermath" column in the US magazine "Flying" you have to be deceased to avoid the lawyers.................

14th Dec 2019, 11:45
Given the irresistible penchant of some internet contributors to hurl stones, such a thread would rapidly go awry. ;)

14th Dec 2019, 18:28
President Trump ???

14th Dec 2019, 20:59
Well, that has killed it.

Chris Scott
14th Dec 2019, 21:10
I agree with the above comments. It seems bizarre that PPRuNe posters hiding behind pseudonyms feel free to reminisce about named personalities without, in most cases, revealing their own identity.

14th Dec 2019, 21:13
Sounded perfectly sensible to me. Go for it and see what occurs :ok:

Senior Pilot
15th Dec 2019, 19:10
President Trump ???

Well, that has killed it.

Absolutely right, FED.

Not the best idea for a thread here, prone to all sorts of off track deviations:(