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Capt Kremmen
25th Nov 2019, 17:23
An obituary published in the D.Tel. to-day, Monday 25th, records the passing of Noble Frankland, former WW2 RAF Lancaster navigator, Imperial War Museum luminary and participant in the making of the masterly TV series; The World At War.

He was responsible for organising the transformation of the IWM from a relatively modest backwater to the internationally renowned educational establishment that set, at one time at least, the benchmark. He completed thirty five raids against Germany and used that experience to shape his many individual contributions to the World At War TV series. .

26th Nov 2019, 09:40
He should be remembered as the father of the modern IWM - not least for being the prime mover behind Duxford's development.

Does anyone know which Bomber Command units he served with?

26th Nov 2019, 18:09
His DFC was awarded (presumably) after a tour with 50 Sqn https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/36793/supplement/5207