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Skipness One Foxtrot
14th Nov 2019, 16:23
Hey guys,

Is the surviving BA hangar at Gatters, the one that Laker built that went to BCAL?
The Virgin Hangar was Dan Air then FLS then.....who?

14th Nov 2019, 17:23
I haven't been to LGW for years but I think hangar 5 is the only one remaining.
If this is the case, it is indeed the ex Laker/BCal hangar.
The Dan Air hangar 7 went to FLS, followed by Virgin, I thought they still had it.

15th Nov 2019, 11:22
Looking at GE, the one remaining hangar southside is the ex Laker hangar.
When I was at BCAL in the early '80s, we used to refer to the Bill Richardson hangar (DC-10) as hangar 5. Hangar 1 was BAC 1-11s, hangar 2 was workshops, hangar 3 was 707s and DC-10s with a tail dock, Hangar 4 was seats and galleys etc.
When we took over Laker's hangar it was just known as Laker's.
Not sure what happened when BA took over, as I had left by then.

15th Nov 2019, 14:57
dixi188 is quite right, the only remaining hangar at LGW south side maintenance area is the old Laker hangar, also known as Hangar 6 when BCal had it. All the other hangars/workshops in this area that previously belonged to BCal and British Airtours have been demolished and replaced by car parking, an airport vehicle maintenance facility and a GAL security post.
On the north side, what was originally the Dan Air hangar has over the years been occupied by BA (when it was known as Hangar 7), FLS and at present, Virgin Atlantic. To the west of this area, beyond the remote "230's" parking stands is the new Boeing hangar which is due to open next year.

Skipness One Foxtrot
16th Nov 2019, 08:46
Thank you all!

Out Of Trim
16th Nov 2019, 23:19
The new Boeing Hangar is already open..

I see a Ryanair B738 from STN was towed into the Boeing Hangar this week! :D

17th Nov 2019, 05:26
As a lad spotting in the early 70's we always walked around to the LGW hangars after munching our sarnies on the grass in front of the runway threshold, and first you had the BUA hangars (VC10 and 1-11) then you walked on further to Donaldson (707) and then to Lakers (707 and 1-11) or was it the other way round?

I think the Donaldson hangar became BEA Airtours? (not sure)

Ask nicely and they all let us clamber all over their planes (''but just don't touch anything lads'')

I don't know where Caledonian did their mx then (707 and 1-11) - PIK?
Dan Air was Lasham