View Full Version : Rather a sporting arrival at Kemble. Apologies if it's been posted before now.

11th Nov 2019, 18:08

11th Nov 2019, 19:52
It can be said of that, 'Someone knew what they were doing'!!!
Lanseria is a long way, how many legs did they have to break it up into?

Where is the a/c now? Still airworthy?

11th Nov 2019, 20:03
It's preserved at Kemble, sadly static...

11th Nov 2019, 20:05
No longer flying. XM496 is now parked up and preserved at Kemble. I believe this video portrays her last flight.

11th Nov 2019, 22:59
What a stunning aircraft. Don't make 'em like that anymore.

12th Nov 2019, 06:23
What a stunning aircraft. Don't make 'em like that anymore.
They don't make 'em that quiet any more either!

India Four Two
12th Nov 2019, 06:28
Lanseria is a long way, how many legs did they have to break it up into?

I would guess that three legs would have done it.

12th Nov 2019, 06:36
It has a great moment in the commentary by the cameraman with a West Country voice:

“He’s got no landing gear down so he’s doing a low fly-past,” in a slightly blasť tone.
Aircraft disappears behind hump in runway.
”Bugger me!”

India Four Two
12th Nov 2019, 06:53
What a stunning aircraft. Don't make 'em like that anymore.

To read about how they used to make 'em, see this very good Flight article:


12th Nov 2019, 17:39

12th Nov 2019, 20:39
The RAF Britannias all initially went to Kemble before being moved on to pastures new. In September 1975, I was a relatively new first-tourist captain and got the task of taking XM489 there on its last RAF flight. On the short transit from Brize Norton, my much older and more worldy-wise co-pilot said to me "We are not going to do anything silly today, are we?". Needless to say, my arrival at Kemble was much more sedate than the one in the video!

13th Nov 2019, 13:12
Stunning, my next visit to Kemble I'll take a stroll down to the gate and look at her with a wide smile after seeing that video

19th Nov 2019, 18:27
https://cimg2.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1200x800/63_09_bua_brit_shows_off_ns1ts_d7fad0f6cd9acc0ea1cbb1da7f845 680444c2a47.jpg
Ah back in the day, this is September 1963, when Britannia's still were 2-a-penny in Singapore. Changi had the 'Changi-slip' of almost daily RAF Brits of 99 and 511 Sqdn's from Lyneham and Paya Lebar had BUA and Cunard Eagle plying trooping flights. Although the Malayan Airways chartered ex-BOAC Brit 102's had by then been replaced by rented Comet 4's.
This was BUA Flight BR633, leaving at 12.45 local time for Bombay, Istanbul and Stansted, the usual destination for UK civilian trooping flights. Obviously the presence of an air display taking place at the Paya Lebar’s Singapore Flying Club, celebrating the formation of the Malaysian Federation, has prompted departing BUA Britannia G-ANCD to do a showy take off. The pilot very promptly raised his undercarriage but kept low to impress the crowd at the Flying Club end of the runway, however you have to wonder about at the guy standing at the very end of the runway though.
A few months later I flew home in this same Brit.....Istanbul was well below freezing...what a shock after Singapore, and Stansted...raining hard of course. London looked so utterly dismal...I so wanted to go back to Changi!
David Taylor

19th Nov 2019, 20:43
In July 1970, whilst still a Cadet Warrant Officer, I took 3 of my fellow ATC cadets to Brize to see what we could scrounge.
We were allocated a 'local' trip of four and a half hours in XM 491 including approaches at Prestwick, Manchester and Gatwick