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26th Oct 2019, 14:47
Just had a look through this.

Some serious changes for FI privileges, TRI, CRI and examiners.

26th Oct 2019, 20:47
And the usual load of poor translation
‘FCL.105.A LAPL(A) — Privileges and conditions
(a) Privileges The privileges of the holder of an LAPL for aeroplanes are to act as PIC on single-engine piston aeroplanes-land (SEP(land)), single-engine piston aeroplanes-sea (SEP(sea)) or TMG with a maximum certificated take-off mass of 2000 kg or less, carrying a maximum of 3 passengers, such that there are always a maximum of 4 persons on board of the aircraft.

26th Oct 2019, 22:25
Do we know the implications of this as regards having to do a “FI Refresher Seminar” for an FI renewal? Could the “refresher training” referred to be mandated to be a Seminar, or will the seminars disappear?

27th Oct 2019, 09:08
1. The change in LAPL privilege definition now mandates a positive requirement rather than the former 'must never', a negative requirement. According to my lawyer friend, it makes absolutely no difference anyway and the CAA agree that it isn't worth anyone worrying about. The more important change is the inclusion of SEP (sea) privileges.

2. Regarding seminars, I anticipate the forthcoming AMC/GM to include the amendment proposed in NPA 2014-29(B):
‘AMC1 FCL.940.FI(a)(2); FCL.940.IRI FI, IRI — Revalidation and renewal
(a) The refresher training for the revalidation of the FI and IRI certificate should be undertaken as a seminar covering the following items: […]

In theory, an AltMoC for FI and IRI refresher training could be proposed by any MS that so desires, but I doubt whether anyone would bother.

27th Oct 2019, 19:40
So, for people who are smarter than me... does this affect my FI privileges under “remarks and restrictions” on page 4/16 on my licence, section XII. As I’ve currently got FCL905.FI applies as in (a)(b)(e)... however it appears (e) is now (f) for teaching Night Rating?! Or am I reading it wrong?

27th Oct 2019, 20:18
Don't worry - I checked this with the CAA last week. They are just as annoyed as everyone else with this rank piece of EASA stupidity and will be publishing a document stating that existing FI certificates will reflect the current paragraph referencing, whereas new certificates issued after 11th Nov will reflect the revised paragraph referencing.

I look forward to giving EASA a piece of my mind about this in a few weeks' time.

Kemble Pitts
28th Oct 2019, 13:16
Call me simple, but why don't they just write the damned privileges out in plain language?? There is ample space and it would then mean something to anybody reading the licence rather than the (a)(b)(c)//... nonsense that we currently have.

... and it would avoid the current stupidity of EASA having changed the definition of their alphabet daftness.

I can't see anything in the regulations that would preclude writing it out 'in clear', but then I've got some damp paint I need to keep an eye on so haven't dug too much.

29th Oct 2019, 15:46
I can't see anything in the regulations that would preclude writing it out 'in clear', Which is exactly what most States do, but the UK like to be precise and included the letters!

Kemble Pitts
29th Oct 2019, 19:09
Thanks Whopity, I was not aware of that.

Sadly 'our' CAA have thus created a precisely (now) incorrect system that is also more or less meaningless to most people unless you dive into Part FCL - something which most cursory readers of the licence will not do.

I wonder if this latest amendment will encourage them to start writing the privileges out in clear?