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25th Oct 2019, 10:12
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for informations regarding EU AOC Process to operate commercialy ATR72s.

Does the process is the same in every countries of Europe or is there some countries such as Malta or Latvia where the process is quicker and/or cheaper?

Also, does the consultancy companies provide support to help to get the process done smoothly?

Many thanks for your feedbacks.

25th Oct 2019, 14:22
You'll need a few nominated persons (postholders) to start with. These should be experienced individuals in their areas. It'll take a few months to write up the required manuals and documentation for approval by your authority.

Many people start with charter operations to get some experience and then move to scheduled. There's a few less hoops to jump through.

It might be handier for you to buy an existing operator.

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7th Nov 2019, 17:14
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