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20th Oct 2019, 04:53
Some time ago whilst scratching around I came across a site that listed all Boeing aircraft built, and I mean ALL, from the very, very first. It included model number, serial, MSN etc in tabular format, black print, white background. Have spent time trying once again to source with not much luck, search skills questionable, should have saved the link at the time. Any help gratefully accepted. Many thanks in advance.

20th Oct 2019, 05:56
Try airfleets dot net

20th Oct 2019, 09:25
Try airfleets dot net

A bit disappointing. Doesn't even include the 707/727, let alone anything prior to the jet age.

www.abcdlist.nl covers everything Boeing have built, though it only shows basic MSN/line no/type/reg history (i.e. no dates or operators).

22nd Oct 2019, 00:37
6 -7 years ago I bought a book in Ian Allen, called 'Individual Aircraft History of the Boeing 707'. Only 707, but it's all there, far as I can see - Reg Index, Line No. Index, Block No. Index, Maint. No. Index, Customer Ids, , etc., plus 'current' (1998) status, including demised.
By Kivanc N. Hurturk, pub. BUCHair (USA) inc. ISBN 0-9666368-0-5.
Real anorak stuff, but quite interesting.
I would imagine I could answer any specific question you might have about B707's !
You could maybe even borrow it if in the London area, or striking distance.
Don't know how to work the pm system, though. Just reply here.

Art Smass
22nd Oct 2019, 01:13
planelist.net is the source I find most useful

tiny fireburn
24th Oct 2019, 11:04
'Boeing Aircraft Since 1916' by Peter M Bowers, published by Putnam, is a bit of a 'bible'

24th Oct 2019, 14:59
Air-Britain have a new publication "Jet Airliners of the World - Boeing" which gives production details of every Boeing jet airliner from 707 to 787.