View Full Version : Short Sunderland and TSS Earnslaw steamship at Queenstown, NZ

17th Oct 2019, 01:18
Somebody uploaded the following amazing colour photograph to a Facebook group yesterday...

https://cimg5.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1654x1130/1963_queenstown_sunderland_earnslaw_7d1f429828d468a566bdcf14 0b053c986a9a596e.jpg

Sunderland & Earnslaw at Queenstown

17th Oct 2019, 01:23
Both vessels exist to this day. TSS Earnslaw is still carrying passengers on Lake Wakatipu and the Sunderland in the photograph is on display at the Museum of Transport & Technology in Auckland, New Zealand. The photograph was taken in 1963.