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14th Oct 2019, 20:11
Hi all,

Recently got back into instructing after a long time out of the industry and I find myself close to the 7 year limit with regards to my ME-IR(A) renewal. I not sure I can find somewhere to do the training in time as I need to get it done by 04/12/2019 or even If I have enough time to bring my skills up to the required level for the Skills Test/Proficiency check.

My Question is this, lets say I let it go past the 7 years without renewal, what will I need to do to get back my ME-IR(A) and still potentially be able to get an airline job/biz jet job in the future.

Kind Regards

15th Oct 2019, 08:31
You should strive to renew prior to the 7 years otherwise it’s the exams again. You’ll need to be assessed and trained by an ATO and have the test completed prior to that 7 years - but check the actual expiry date as it should be the end of the month in which the test was taken.

Be aware that if, in that 7 year period, you have held an ICAO instrument rating of any kind then there is some flex.

Where are you based now?

15th Oct 2019, 08:50
Hi thanks for the reply,

The expiry date is hand written as IR-SPA-ME 04-12-12 and if I'm not mistaken my licence was JAA-FCL at that time.

I'm currently based in Surrey.

(alas no icao rating of any kind)


15th Oct 2019, 09:37
Mate that's 6 weeks away. You could fit in a full IR course in that time. I'm sure you can fit in a couple of SIM sessions and a couple of sorties in that time!

15th Oct 2019, 09:42
Having difficulty finding an ATO that has space at such short notice

15th Oct 2019, 11:55
If you don’t mind a few “later” nights or weekends we might be able to help. PM me off list if you wish.

15th Oct 2019, 12:19
Thx Duchess driver, currently entertaining the idea of just doing a single engine IR but not sure if it needs to be a complex or not.


15th Oct 2019, 21:04
I've PM'd you

15th Oct 2019, 21:45
An IR is an IR and any IR will prevent you falling down the 7 year hole.

15th Oct 2019, 21:54
Please tell us how you get on enchiladas (sorry cant remember your handle but know it sounds like this). I'm in a Similar situation to yourself but with a couple of years to sort it out, and would like to know how much training/effort it takes for you to get back up to speed and revalidate the MEIR stuff. I can operate 2 pilot IFR no problem (yawn) but been 15 years since I actually had to MANUALLY FLY SPA ME IR stuff, but that's where I want my flying path to advance up to. Worried I can't do it for real anymore in a manual twin but even more worried that I couldn't pass the ATPL exams again if they lapse, so would rather just redo the MEIR and that's also infinately more enjoyable than redoing irrelevant exams.

16th Oct 2019, 07:59
Hi Avtur007 Will do, however Im doing SE/IR to keep things as simple as possible.


16th Oct 2019, 08:00
OK - we can help with the single as well. Best of luck whatever you choose.

17th Oct 2019, 07:53
Hi Avtur007 Will do, however Im doing SE/IR to keep things as simple as possible.

I hadn't considered doing the single IR to keep the exams at bay, that should be relatively easy since I fly singles often. Will look into that.