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1st Oct 2019, 07:09
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-31, lead in trainer for the Mirage, mockup only built. Intakes considered susceptible to FOD and water spray from nose wheel,

https://cimg8.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1258x646/56d9fb1d3e61aeb6f0012d6f0d42a5ec_572923a3dd4405eafe0e1d29c98 2d686ac4759c3.jpg


1st Oct 2019, 20:47
The RNZAF learned all about water ingestion generated by front wheel tyre when it introduced its MB339Cs in the early 1990s; problem was lessened somewhat but never completely cured. However the Australian design would seem to be in a class of its own, with intakes apparently specifically positioned to catch ANYTHING kicked up by that front tyre! What were they thinking of?

1st Oct 2019, 20:51
They really, really tried to make it look like a Mirage.

1st Oct 2019, 23:04
Coulda dun a Mig-29 design???

Harley Quinn
2nd Oct 2019, 19:04
Coulda dun a Mig-29 design???

The prototype MiG 29 had its nose wheel situated a lot further forward than the production jets

2nd Oct 2019, 20:01
HQ,yes ,but I meant the retractable doors over the intakes and bypass doors on top of the wings....

2nd Oct 2019, 20:18
I tell you summat - that ain't a supersonic intake.