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29th Sep 2019, 20:40
I'm trying to find somewhere that does this, preferably in the UK. Any recent experiences and recommendations? It is usually tailored to the sim that you would end up teaching the course on?

Am I correct in thinking the holder of an FI rating is exempt a chunk of the course?

In terms of work - what is the typical rate for an MCC instructor..

Manchester based if this helps.


29th Sep 2019, 21:18
MCCI Courses are only run by organisations offering MCC training. This is primarily because they are the only people likely to have the SIM/FNPT facilities to do so. The course will be device specific so if you qualify on one device and then want to teach on a different device you will finish up doing most of the course again. FIs are credited with the teaching and learning element of the course.
CAA Standards Doc 31 will give you details of organisations offering MCC courses.

Capt Pit Bull
5th Oct 2019, 05:32
Drop me a pm if you like.