View Full Version : Mosquito Down Podcast. A compelling interview.

27th Sep 2019, 15:14
Today I heard a very interesting interview with a WWII RAF Mosquito pilot who was shot down over occupied Holland. It is well worth listening to - and he has also written a book called Mosquito Down. In 2019 he is 96 years old. The interview can be heard at: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/conversations/frank-dell-rpt/11522300

Ddraig Goch
28th Sep 2019, 11:46
Thank you very much Centaurus for putting the link to Frank Dell's story. It encapsulates the bravery and determination of both Civilians and Servicemen during WW2. I would encourage all to listen to the link above.

Ddraig Goch
28th Sep 2019, 14:09
There is another interesting story about the London to Melbourne air race of 1934 on the same site as above. Enjoy.


3rd Oct 2019, 16:05
I knew Frank slightly when he was in BA. I never flew with him but those who did speak very highly of him. A really kind gentleman, and I think that shows in the podcast. I recommend his book.

Wig Wag
5th Oct 2019, 06:33
I listened to this and found his story to be utterly compelling. The way he tells his story is understated and concise with the result that you learn how it felt to be there at the time.

The scene with the capture of the Geman soldiers by the Dutch resistance shows the utterly stark nature of war. Just what do you do when you are face to face with the evil nature of a force trying to overrun a continent and a civilisation?

I will make sure my teenagers listen to it.

Many thanks to Frank and all his generation who did their bit, without complaint, for all of us.