View Full Version : NPPL SSEA hours

17th Sep 2019, 17:13
Can you count NPPL SSEA hours towards the hours required for an EASA CPL A?
Regards MF26

18th Sep 2019, 10:18
SSEA is only a national concoction of SEP so hours should not be an issue however; in order to enroll on a CPL Modular Course you must hold an ICAO PPL.

18th Sep 2019, 12:38
Thanks sir, I am crossing over from FAA CPL to EASA CPL A and I have an ICAO PPL albeit for helicopters. Must be ok as I have 2 of the 14 ATPL exams to do. Currently upgrading my NPPL to EASA license.
Regards MF26

Level Attitude
18th Sep 2019, 16:07
"Upgrade" implies "Converting"
I would keep your NPPL as well as your new (presumably CPL) EASA Licence.
Never know when it may be useful :O