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3rd Sep 2019, 08:52
Who Is Emptying Cathay Pacificís Oxygen Bottles? (https://onemileatatime.com/cathay-pacific-oxygen-bottles/)


3rd Sep 2019, 09:39
three possibilities:

Someone is that furious at China (and the ousting of CX management) that they're willing to sabotage a plane
China is spreading fake news (actually, belay that - the original source is the SCMP, nothing daft) or even sabotaging the planes to discredit HK
something random that happened to do its random thing now.

If 3 they'll get caught. Neither of the others is much fun though.

Viper 7
3rd Sep 2019, 12:19
4. Mechanical issue with the bottles or aircraft. We had a run of HUEBA bottles spontaneously emptying back in the 90s that turned out to be rust around an o-ring breaking the seal and allowing the bottles to discharge.

Viper 7
3rd Sep 2019, 12:22
5. Someone has discovered that a shot of 100% O2 is great for hangover symptoms. :)

3rd Sep 2019, 14:53
Sabotage of aircraft is easy for a disgruntled employee.

Two cases where I was employed, so there must be many more. (It wasn't me!)

1. Many years ago a guy that was about to be sacked, loosened all the fasteners that held the black boxes in the radio rack of a BAC 1-11. Several days later the aircraft had a series of unrelated failures and the problem was found.

2. Someone with a grudge cut some wiring on an A300 that was undergoing a "C" check. Some problems were only found during a test flight.

How do you prevent it?