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Bend alot
31st Aug 2019, 03:59
All for one, one for all.

Quality pilot training organisations in Australia have been attacked by the Australian regulator CASA, closures have happened but no breaches have been stated.

The last few days of this developing story could become the biggest aviation news story in Australia in 30 years - the media will have a field day. Glen's case is not isolated, but he seems to have ample written evidence.

You can read the short story written by a former employee of Mr Buckley, that set up this GoFundME page (but did not tell anyone about it!)


Or the longer story with the "raw stress emotions" in the recent week here (he had a few of us scared on his "rattly" day.


In the 4 days since finding the GoFundMe page over $19,000 has been raised.

Glen's original post has been elevated to Australian, New Zealand & Pacific from GA by a Moderator with the following quote:-
" This thread now has the potential capacity to change CASA's philosophies, policies and actions".

I am sure Glen would be very happy to answer any questions from his past student pilots, or the media on the matter.

31st Aug 2019, 10:58
So, what‘s the agenda of the Australian CASA with respect to FTOs? The bigger picture?

Bend alot
1st Sep 2019, 09:15
So, what‘s the agenda of the Australian CASA with respect to FTOs? The bigger picture?
It seems CASA are still working on the agenda (almost for a year now), so currently it is a motion picture with different plots and lead characters.

Some have been told to cease operations while they (CASA) decide on what is required with the new "rules".

Operations normal Cessna SID's a fine example, and continuing as much of that program now not required.