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20th Aug 2019, 11:45
Before turning to more controversial matters, I should like this week to mention the unusual dilemma of the controller of a major charitable fund.

Air Vice Marshal Murray, the controller of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, recently explained to me that since almost all of the huge numbers of those who served in the RAF during the Second World War are now dead and before long so too will be those conscripted during the Cold War, there is now a rapidly diminishing cohort of potential beneficiaries.

Some of those are in real financial need, unable to afford the care which they require, but his problem is finding them.

So if any readers know of a member of the great family of ex RAF servicemen and women who is in need, please contact the Controller, RAF Benevolent Fund at: http://www.rafbf.org.uk (http://www.rafbf.org.uk/).

This was in Tebbits article in the Torygragh today apols if it has been posted elsewhere