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16th Aug 2019, 12:37
Whilst looking into the KLM crash near prestwick in 1948, I found that many of the photos bear the imprint Coll. H. Dekker. A bit of a search and you arrive at the Dutch website of Herman Dekker. I wanted to contact him to see what he had, but although he seems to invite contact, there seems no way of doing so. Any bright ideas?

16th Aug 2019, 12:46

16th Aug 2019, 12:58
Yes Dave I've been all over his website, but there's no e mail address there, just that reference at the top.

16th Aug 2019, 13:01
It looks like an email address to me.

16th Aug 2019, 13:30
Many thanks for that Dave. For some reason my phone didn't load that panel with his info, it just said image. Anyway I'll pop him an e mail. Thanks once again.

17th Aug 2019, 15:36
Success story this time. E mailed Herman, who is something of an authority on Dutch aviation, and he is most helpful.