View Full Version : Norwegian discontinue transatlantic flights from Ireland

13th Aug 2019, 16:12
Norwegian have just announced they'll discontinue transatlantic flights from Ireland from 15th September 2019.

A shame really, especially for those crew affected.



13th Aug 2019, 17:48
Thanks to the 737 MAX grounding :ugh:

13th Aug 2019, 18:04
Max unlikely to have been the root cause. More like underlying revenue return which many believe was flawed from its inception. Trust the crews have better luck in securing positions.

13th Aug 2019, 18:09
Nice pic on BBC Online news tonight showing nose of unknown Norwegian aircraft and the tail of Monarch G-OZBF.
No attempt then to use up-to-date photo.

13th Aug 2019, 20:29
Sorry for the crews and staff.
Cork airport's long term ambition to have direct transatlantic flights was used as a lobbying tool with the Irish and US governments to allow the Norwegian EI set up. They've now lost the routes for the second time in a decade (remember Fly Globespan?) A failed strategy which may have opened the door to further undermining of T and C's in the coming recession.

14th Aug 2019, 02:09
Norwegian were very shaky financially even before the MAX was grounded.