View Full Version : Raging waters for Aigle Azur

7th Aug 2019, 23:25
Lets hope all goes wel l... (not the very first time)


Aigle Azur menacée d?être clouée au sol (http://www.lefigaro.fr/societes/aigle-azur-menacee-d-etre-clouee-au-sol-20190807)

3rd Sep 2019, 14:46
Not good... It seems just filled for bankruptcy...

4th Sep 2019, 06:55
Not good... It seems just filled for bankruptcy...

According to the TV here a couple of days back they have gone into the initial stages of, bankruptcy, French version, (again), which gives management a period of time to sort the operation and finances out under judicial oversight..It's not quite the Anglo-Saxon version of bankruptcy where the staff have been sent home and the doors have been locked.

However still not pleasant experience for employees.

ATC Watcher
4th Sep 2019, 07:26
indeed . the market is there . especially the Algerian one is strong , and there is still hope that a solution will be found. It is apparently ,at least as it is painted in France, a critical but not fatal situation . we'll see.
And you can still book tickets on line today ..

5th Sep 2019, 19:08

aviation going down again...

Facts R Us
5th Sep 2019, 21:46
Won’t be the last this Winter. It’s going to be brutal.

6th Sep 2019, 01:03
"... France’s second biggest airline ..."

What defines "second biggest"? By number of aircraft, it is Air Corsica - 13. Aigle Azur has only 11. But it probably had more seats. OK, Air France has over 200 aircraft, which makes the question rather pointless.